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May 2, 2024

How Do Funded Trading Accounts Works?

Will you not be enticed by the concept that you get a chance to trade, but with someone else’s money? Isn’t it alluring to you? It is, and it is right. Well, this is a concept of a funded trading account of which many ubiquitous and experienced traders are unaware. Trading can be quite apprehensive for traders who pay their  set brokerage fee, software subscriptions, and initial capital. This determines that they are venturing into a market where they may have a chance to lose their investment and start from the beginning. However, the concept of funded account trading has encouraged many traders to use their skills and move with a profit-making approach in this wide financial market. This blog will give you brief details on various aspects, such as what a funded trading account is and how you can earn your own funded trading account. 

What are funded trading accounts?

A funded trading account entails that traders who want to explore the market while executing profitable trades can do it efficiently without losing their investment. Through this concept, traders can make trades using third parties’s capital. By doing so, traders get a potential chance to earn as a result of profitable trades. This third party is specifically a proprietary trading firm that provides funded trading accounts to traders so they can make profitable trades on their behalf.

Prop firms provide traders with their capital so that aspiring traders can follow their trading activities. But what do prop firms get in return for doing this? For supporting traders, prop firms get a percentage of the profit that traders generate through executing trades on behalf of prop firms. This cohesive relationship between traders and prop firms enables them to make solid choices for trading activities. Furthermore, traders have more trust in prop trading firms because they get a chance to earn a substantial amount of profit rather than using their investment and losing it all at once. 


Types of funded trading accounts available in the market

1. Proprietary trading firm 

Proprietary firms provide funded trading accounts to traders where they allow the trader to use their capital in return for a profit share. With the help of a prop firm’s capital, traders can trade different financial instruments.

2. Forex trading account 

Forex trading accounts are accounts that Forex brokers fund for traders, and provide optimal support to endure the challenges and get access to the forex market.

3. Stock trading account 

Some trading platforms offer trader-funded accounts where traders have the liberty to buy and sell stocks using the firm’s capital.

4. Commodity trading accounts 

In commodity trading accounts, traders get a chance to trade commodities such as gold, oil, and agricultural products. For this, traders can get access to the commodity market with the firm’s capital. 

How do funded trading accounts work? 

For traders, getting a funded account is not a rigorous process; with simple steps and adequate knowledge, you can acquire your funded trading account. For this reason, prop firms offer a comprehensive evaluation process where traders use their trading skills and knowledge to pass the evaluation process and audition to continue their trading. Once they have passed the trading evaluation process and auditions, they can get access to use their funded account with a specified starting capital that allows them to execute trades efficiently.

This is a chance that presents a great offer for the trader because they get the support of proprietary trading firms to utilize their passion, knowledge, and skills. Now that the traders have access to their funded trading account, whatever profit they generate will be divided between themselves and the firm they are getting support from. The profit-sharing ratio for this concept falls within a range of 75% to 90%, where the remaining share goes to the prop firm that has funded the account for traders. This generic scheme provides an opportunity for traders to earn a profit while using their skills.


funded trading account

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