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proprietary trading firms
May 21, 2024

What are proprietary trading firms and How does it work?

Proprietary trading is where traders make trades but use the firm’s capital; for this, traders enter the financial market using different financial instruments to trade. The general concept of prop trading is to generate profit for prop firms using the capital they allow traders to make trades with. So what are proprietary trading firms? Prop […]

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Prop Trading Firm
May 20, 2024

The Secret To Long Term Success In Prop Firm Trading

Traders are now more inclined towards prop firms because their trading activities are no longer hampered by a lack of funds. This has led prop traders to get funded accounts and withdraw their profits. However, traders ought to have strong perseverance to maintain long-term success in prop trading. For this, traders must disown a mindset […]

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Forex Trading Strategies
May 18, 2024

Do Forex Trading Strategies Stop Working Over Time?

Determining when to purchase or sell a currency pair is one of the main purposes of a forex trading strategy. Among these strategies, some rely on technical analysis, while others are based on fundamental, news-based events. The trader’s approach usually consists of buy or sell orders that are triggered by trading signals. You have to […]

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Funded Account Forex
May 8, 2024

How To obtain a Forex Funded Account

Raising a potential amount of money without risking their money is what every trader wants. In this pursuit, traders chase their dream of having a forex funded account to trade with. Many financial institutions follow strict eligibility criteria and rules that must be followed by traders to get a funded forex account. This is a […]

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Best USA Prop Firms
May 7, 2024

Best USA Prop Firms in 2024 – Everything you need to know

As the financial market has been witnessing volatility, traders’ activity in trading has seen a potential upsurge. This has increased trader’s trust in proprietary trading firms, which are financial institutions that facilitate trades using their capital. For aspiring traders who want to gain the numerous advantages of market opportunity, prop firms provide a potential way […]

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Top Funded Prop Firms
May 3, 2024

List of funded prop firms in 2024

A proprietary trading firm, or prop trading firm, is a company where traders engage in the practice of trading using the capital of a prop firm.  So what does this entail for traders in return? The trader who becomes a member of a prop trading firm shares the percentage of profit with the company. To […]

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Funded Trading Accounts
May 2, 2024

How Do Funded Trading Accounts Works?

Will you not be enticed by the concept that you get a chance to trade, but with someone else’s money? Isn’t it alluring to you? It is, and it is right. Well, this is a concept of a funded trading account of which many ubiquitous and experienced traders are unaware. Trading can be quite apprehensive […]

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Forex Technical Analysis
April 11, 2024

Learn Technical Analysis: Trading Tips & Charting Trends

To foresee future price movements, technical analysis is the procedure of analyzing past price movement data. The technical behavior of market participants can be analyzed through charts, indicators, and patterns. Different technical charts generate different chart patterns, each of which carries a specific meaning. Deciphering these formations and deciding what to trade is the role […]

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Forex Trading Firms
April 10, 2024

How to Create a Forex Strategy Based on Technical Analysis

Whether you are a skilled trader or new in the trading field, you can not resist the allure of the financial market. That means providing you with remunerative income, to which traders used different methods and strategies to navigate the currency markets. To achieve this objective, the most common method popular among traders is technical […]

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Multiple Prop Firms
April 9, 2024

Is It Possible To Trade With Multiple Prop Firms?

Organizations that specialize in securities, equities, derivatives, and futures markets commonly use proprietary trading, referred to as proprietary trading, as a practice. Proprietary trading firms trade their funds for direct profit. Is it possible to trade with multiple prop firms? is a question that traders ask themselves all the time. It’s ideal for risk diversification […]

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Forex Technical Analysis
April 3, 2024

What Is Forex Technical Analysis – UnderstandingThe Basics

For seasoned traders and traders who are new to the trading industry, the thought of trading in the financial markets while using various methods fills them with abject horror. Their constant apprehension of losing a large sum of profit beleaguers them. However, out of all the methods used for trading in the financial market, the […]

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Forex Trading
March 31, 2024

Forex Trading As A Side Hustle – Is It Worth Trying?

Any forex trader who has a high inclination toward making income can get success from forex trading because it is open 24 hours a day and five days a week. Regarding forex trading, traders can enjoy the flexibility of times and locations.  Given the current gig landscape, individuals are diversifying their income through various side […]

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