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May 3, 2024

List of funded prop firms in 2024

A proprietary trading firm, or prop trading firm, is a company where traders engage in the practice of trading using the capital of a prop firm. 

So what does this entail for traders in return? The trader who becomes a member of a prop trading firm shares the percentage of profit with the company. To achieve this objective, with a focus on technology, market trends, and tools, prop trading firms provide the individual with appropriate training, capital, and general support, minimizing the risk that any individual trader takes on themselves.

Proprietary firms are of great advantage for traders because they have access to firms’ capital to navigate the financial market. Because prop traders enjoy the liberty of working remotely from anywhere in the world, this blog will give you the details of the list of funded prop firms in the UAE. 


Top funded prop firms


Importance of proprietary trading firms 

Proprietary trading firms are an integral part of the financial market because they improve market trends by providing liquidity. Moreover, they provide traders with an abundant opportunity to use various tools, get training, and have unique opportunities to make actionable trades. 

One of the prominent reasons why traders choose prop firms is because they provide a large amount of capital to traders. So that they can execute their trade using their skills and knowledge. In addition to this advanced technology, ultra-modern tools and the best methods to analyze the market embolden traders to focus only on making wise decisions while placing their calculated trades. 


List of best-funded prop firms in 2024

Through a better evaluation of ratings, prop firm type, trading challenge type, profit split, and cost, you can assess which prop firm is the best in the UAE. Here’s a list of top funded prop firms Get to know some of these to start your trading journey.


1. MyFundedCapital 

To succeed in the financial market, every trader must be acquainted with the right prop trading firms to maximize their profit. Therefore, it becomes essential that you check all trading conditions beforehand, such as the firm’s credibility in terms of safety and security, ensure that it has all the smart tools and an uninterrupted support system, and be equipped with all the relevant payment methods. For this reason, prop trading firms like MyFundedCapital (“MFC”) have proven beneficial for many emerging traders. This equips a trader with a user-friendly interface and a unique trading dashboard to navigate trading performance swiftly


Features of MyFundedCapital 

  • Access to Capital: The opportunity to have access to capital has made the trader engage in lucrative trading and grow their trading account. 
  • Opportunities to select a trading platform: You get the leverage of choosing the most used platform, whereby you get the option to mitigate risk with accurate results. 
  • More than 300 instruments: As a MyFundedCapital trader, you have access to a wide range of markets that include Metals, Indices, FX, and Crypto.
  • Seamless trading dashboard: The prominent feature of managing your dashboard equipped with advanced analytics helps you evaluate your performance through static data. 
  • The ultimate trading experience: Once they have cleared the initial assessment and verification 
  • stage, they get access to the account and become MyFundedCapital Trader. This allows them to leverage their ability to earn a persistent profit with a profit share of up to 90% with all the mentioned adherence to the company norms. 


Why choose MyFundedCapital? 

  • Rating: 5/5 
  • Profit Split: up to 90%
  • Challenge Type: 1-Step and 2-Step 
  • Account Sizes: $5000-$400,000


2. Topste

Topstep is a prop firm specializing in the futures market. Traders at Topstep can trade top futures contracts that include Emini S&P 500, crude oil, and Gold. Their Trading Combine program enables traders to enhance their skills and assess the market through a better approach. 


Why they are best 

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Type: Futures 
  • Profit split: 90%-100% 
  • Platforms: TopstepX, NinjaTrader, Quantower, TradingView, and more 
  • Account sizes: $50,000-$150,000
  • Challenge type: 1 Step 


3. Earn2Trade

Earn2Trade is the best prop firm that has the proficiency in futures market. Traders at Earn2Trade get access to various platforms like NinjaTrader, Finamark, and R|Trader. One of the prominent features they provide is the Career Path program, which allows traders to progress from virtual trading to funded trading. In addition to this, they have Gauntlet Mini, where traders within 10 days can finish their evaluation process within 10 days, specialized for intraday traders. 


Why they are best 

  • Rating: 5/5 
  • Type: Futures 
  • Profit Split: 80% 
  • Platforms: NinjaTraders, Finmark, and R|Trader
  • Account Sizes: $25000-$200,000
  • Challenges Type: 1-Step


4. ApexTrader 

Since 2021, ApexTrader has given numerous opportunities to futures traders to navigate the financial markets with better platforms. They provide real-time data and access to top trading platforms. They have a simplified evaluation process where traders can get access to funded accounts. 


Why they are best 

  • Rating: 5/5 
  • Type: Futures 
  • Profit Split: 90%-100% 
  • Platforms: NinjaTrader 
  • Account sizes: $25,000–$300,0000
  • Challenge Type: 1-Step 


5. Trade Day 

Trade Day is a prop firm that provides traders the opportunity to endure futures market challenges efficiently while making trades. Traders at Trade Day enjoy a better profit-sharing model where they get an experienced team backed by 80 years of experience. Their trading platform is accessible to traders from mobile to desktop. 


Why they are best 

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Platforms: NinjaTrader
  • Challenge Type: 1-Step 
  • Profit Split: 90%- 100% 


6. MyFundedFutures 

Traders at MyFundedFutures get impressive profit splits because they get the flexibility of evaluation days. This allows traders to improve their skills. They have an easy withdrawal process that starts within 24 hours. This enables the traders easy access to profit. Moreover, traders enjoy the freedom of decision-making with unlimited trading days. 


Why are they the best? 

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Profit Split: 90%-100%
  • Platform: NinjaTrader 
  • Account Size: $50,000-$150,000
  • Challenge Type: 1-Step 


funded prop firms


Why Choose MyFundedCapital? 

To enjoy trading flexibility, traders should always make wise decisions while choosing the prop firms for which MyFundedCapital becomes the best choice for many traders. Traders at MFC get unparalleled experience in trading activities with solid features and a substantial amount of capital. Moreover, they have access to more than 300 instruments, including Metals, Indices, FX, and Crypto. This enhances the portfolio of every aspiring trader so that they can move further in the financial market with better confidence. We have a seamless trading dashboard that equips traders with advanced analytics. So that they can assess their performance to make actionable and better trades. Get better trading conditions and reliable support, and make MyFundedCapital your ultimate choice.