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May 7, 2024

Best USA Prop Firms in 2024 – Everything you need to know

As the financial market has been witnessing volatility, traders’ activity in trading has seen a potential upsurge. This has increased trader’s trust in proprietary trading firms, which are financial institutions that facilitate trades using their capital. For aspiring traders who want to gain the numerous advantages of market opportunity, prop firms provide a potential way to enter the market. In addition, prop firms are also beneficial for those inclined towards the intellectual challenges of the trading industry, be they professionals from engineering backgrounds, financial backgrounds, or accounting backgrounds. It is quite difficult to distinguish the number of prop firms that have attracted traders. A significant number of prop firms that have recruited traders are from New York, London, and Singapore. Moreover, as several trading activities are taking place online, traders from all around the world can join the prop firms that fulfill their motives by working remotely. This blog will provide you with useful insights about prop firms, how wisely you should choose the prop firm, and which is the best funded prop firms in USA so that you can advance your career in trading. 


Factors to consider when choosing the Right prop firms 

Without looking into any aspects of a prop firm that is established and working, any advancement in your trading career will not be fruitful. Therefore, it is a foremost step to first check all the essential details of relevant prop firms working.

1. Trading capital availability

Since they are known for providing funded accounts that use their capital, you must be wary regarding this aspect, as it further defines your trading activity. Assess firms’ capital and leverage adequately; the higher the firm’s capital, the greater the magnitude of your trading activities, whereby you can accelerate your trading career further. However, you must exercise adequate caution when prop firms present for their traders to ensure smooth risk management tactics. 

2. Track record and reputation

Before taking your trading actions, you must pay attention to any prop firm you are going to be a member of. Are they malfunctioning? If yes, then step down straightforwardly. Always thoroughly check the firm’s history and reviews from other traders. 

3. Trading platform and tools

For you to be a part of any prop firm, it is a must that you evaluate the firm’s trading technology they are offering. For this, you must look into what platforms they offer, their charting tools, and real-time data. This is important because it ensures that you are executing your trading efficiently. 

4. Fee structure 

It is only for profit that traders inculcate the practice of trading, and when this motive is left unfulfilled, there is no way that any prop firm can entice traders to get involved in trading. To achieve this objective, make certain that the prop firms have an adequate fee structure, including commissions, fees, and profit splits. Always comprehend the total cost so that you can minimize the probable risk related to it. 


Funded Prop firms in USA


Top USA proprietary trading firm 

1. MyFundedCapital

MyFundedCapital has allowed many such enthusiastic traders to grow their wealth with the firm’s capital. That has set a precedent for many such prop firms to provide such opportunities for their traders. MFC offers profitable trading conditions along with advanced software and training programs that propel even the beginner to follow their pursuit of a trading career. 


  1. Up to $400,000 starting capital: Traders at MFC can enjoy the leverage of getting up to $400,000 starting capital once they are qualified in the 2-step challenge and requisite assessment test. 
  2. Up to 90% profit split: While you make your trades much more persuasive and actionable, you also get to enjoy a profit of up to 90%.
  3. Enjoy your unlimited trading days
  4. First withdrawal on demand: At MFC, traders can request their first withdrawal on demand within 5 days after making their first trade.

Why choose MFC? 

  1. Risk Management: with a better approach to training individual traders, they follow a transparent fee structure that facilitates better risk management.
  2. Better evaluation process: Traders who pass the 1-Step and 2-Step challenges can get a smooth transition to getting a funded account at MFC.
  3. Trading-friendly conditions: with unlimited trading days, traders can enjoy a profit split of up to 90%.

2. Funder Trading 

Funder Trading is a prominent trading prop firm that has come up with educational programs for trades so that traders can inculcate safer trading practices. This mitigates the further chance of risk. 


  1. Location: USA
  2. What can you trade: Stocks and Options 
  3. Profits share: Up to 95%
  4. Members of funded trading get free coaching and live education programs for free

3. My Funded Futures

MyFundedFutures provides trading conditions that promote safe trading practices with flexible trading strategies. They follow a better approach to funding futures traders.   


  1. Location: United States
  2. What can you trade? Futures
  3. Profit share: up to 90% Profit
  4. Accessible fund path 
  5. Fastest industry payouts 

4. Funded Next 

Funded Next is plausibly the best prop firm in the USA and offers multiple challenge options to select. This makes it easy for traders to choose from and pass the challenges without any hurdles.


  1. Location: USA, UK, and Bangladesh
  2. What you can trade: Forex
  3. Profit Share: 75%
  4. Diverse funding models
  5. Vast Capital Access
  6. Better educational resources

5. TopStep

Topstep is the best prop firm in the USA that has credible trust among traders in the financial market because of its. 


  1. Location: United States
  2. What can you trade? Futures
  3. Profit Share: 80%
  4. Extensive evaluation
  5. Community support
  6. Education Program


FTMO is the most-rated prop firm because it follows an international approach. Moreover, they offer tougher asset classes, which include forex and commodities.


  1. Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  2. What you can trade: Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies
  3. Profit share: 80%
  4. Scaling opportunities
  5. Strong evaluation




Choose MyFundedCapital, the best prop firm in 2024 

We know choosing among the funded prop firms in USA is quite a tedious task to follow, yet it is the most important step to succeed in the dynamic world of the financial market. This blog has given a clear answer to many of your questions, such as choosing the top US prop firm in 2024. To this, MyFundedCapital stands out as the best option for traders. At MFC, traders can get unlimited trading days with the benefit of $400,000  starting capital. Traders choose MFC as the best prop because we provide a transparent fee structure, strong evaluation, and a trading-friendly environment with better conditions. Become a member of our trading community and increase your proficiency.